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We don’t charge any fee from the teachers. To the contrary, we help you to negotiate with schools and institutions to get the best package as much as we can.


-A salary ranging from CN$2000 to CN$4000 per month;

-Free apartment;

-Health insurance and paid holidays;

-Free qualification training program (this can save you

  up to CN$500)


You can save most of the salary considering the low food and transportation price in China, and the main expenditure of daily life is covered in your package


Depending on the school and position you determine to work with, the package varies.  Contact us now to learn about the available openings.

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CL has built a partnership with a variety of public and private schools and English learning institutions in China. We will help you find your dream position in the right place. Below is the description of the typical teaching environment you may expect when teaching in China.


Working time: Up to 40 hours a week  

Student age:  5-15 years old (depending on which school or organization you work in, you may expect kids below 5, teenagers or adults)

Class Size: Class size varies with the teaching environment. Usually up to 15 students in private schools and English institutions, and up to 50 students in public school.

Teaching materials: Usually textbooks will be provided by schools; however, you may be required to prepare and develop teaching materials and curriculum on your own.


Teaching environment may vary dramatically with different positions. Contact us now to discuss your preference.

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Our main clients are schools and English learning institutions in China. We have been sending teachers to public schools in Beijing (capital city of China), and now we are expanding our business to other cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Shenyang and more. 


In all the cities, you will have various options of the teaching environment.


Contact us now to secure your teaching position in your favorite city and school! 

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